eSmokeClub Premium eLiquids
Refill your tanks and cartomizers with our PG, VG, or PG/VG blended eLiquids in 5 sizes, 3 types of base eLiquids, strengths ranging from 0mg to 36mg, and tons of flavors you love along with new ones added all the time.

PG eLiquid
PG (propylene glycol) eLiquid is a wildly popular eLiquid base. It has the advantage of being thin and easier on hardware. Many feel it's a bit sweeter than VG eliquid and is less harsh on the throat. PG is a better choice for those using cartomizers due to its thinness, and it is not suited for those who like to direct drip.

VG eLiquid
We also offer VG (vegetable glycerin) eSmokeClub eLiquids which are noticable thicker than PG eLiquids. They produce more vapor that is longer lasting, and some feel the taste is better than PG eLiquids. They certainly will clog hardware more quickly due to the extra thickness, so be prepared to clean out your gear to ensure good working order. Note that VG is probably a better choice for those who direct drip due to its extra thickness, and it is probably not a great choice for those using cartomizers.

PG/VG Blend eLiquid
Blended PG/VG eLiquids are available for those interested in combining the best of both worlds. We offer pre-mixed PG/VG eLiquid in 70/30 and 50/50 ratios. This provides the PG you love with its thinner perhaps slightly sweeter taste mixed with VG's longer lasting higher vapor output. The 70/30 and 50/50 ratios provide a nice mix of both types of blends.

Concentrated Flavorings
Bored with the same of flavors? Why not try and create your own? We've specifically selected over 80 wonderful concentrated flavorings from industry titans such as LorAnn, Capella, Flavour Art and Perfumers Apprentice - all of which are available to you here. Use some of our DIY mixing gear to help you combine them with your existing pre-flavored eLiquids to freshen up old flavors or add them to our flavorless eLiquid and come up with your own creations! Your imagination is your only constraint!

DIY eLiquid Mixing Kits
Our DIY eLiquid Mixing Kits combine the best flavorless nicotine eLiquid with outstanding concentrated flavorings of your choice along with various do-it-yourself DIY gear such as glycerin, dropper bottles, pipettes - everything needed to make your own custom eLiquid creations!

Flavor Adjusters
For the truly inspired, experiment with our flavor adjusters. These gems let you further tweak and refine your creations to help you find just the right taste you're looking for.

** Premium eLiquids **
We also feature our MADE IN THE USA Premium eLiquids from Black River24/7 eLiquid, Sirius Vapor and Joost Vapor! We're adding new flavors every day, and these amazing nicotine eLiquids will blow you away!



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