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Refill your cartridges and cartomizers with various size bottles of Premium VG eSmoking eLiquid from eSmokeClub. With 44 flavors and growing as well as strengths ranging from Super High 36mg to Zero 0mg, eSmokeClub offers one of the best eSmoking eLiquids available anywhere!

PG Versus VG eLiquid

This is VG (vegetable glycerin) eLiquid. VG eLiquids are noticable thicker, and they will produce much more vapor that is longer lasting. Some will argue the taste is better than PG eLiquids as well, though this is a matter of personal taste. They certainly can clog atomizers a bit more quickly due to the extra thickness, so be prepared to clean out atomizers if needed to ensure good working order.

We also have PG (propylene glycol) eLiquid available. Propylene glycol is a wildly popular base for eLiquids. It has the advantage of being thinner and easier on atomizers. Many feel it has a bit sweeter taste than VG liquids and is a bit less harsh on the throat as well.

How about a blend?
For those interested in combining the best of both worlds we also offer a blended eLiquid which is a mix of PG and VG eLiquid in a 70/30 ratio. This provides 70% of the PG you love along with its thinner, perhaps slightly sweeter taste along with 30% of our VG eLiquid's longer lasting and higher vapor output. The 70/30 ratio is an nice mix of both types of eLiquids.

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1 - 12 of 12 items