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Is an Advanced Starter Kit right for me?
Our starter Kits are complete electronic cigarette kits that are offered in multiple levels - Basic, Advanced and Deluxe. No matter which you choose though, every Kit is designed to provide you with all you need to begin e-smoking immediately. The difference between Kits is mainly the tank along with extras that come with the higher level kits.

✓ Basic Kits - Basic Starter typically provide you with a single 650mah eGO battery along with one tank - a complete eCig - along with a small USB powered charging key, a 6 inch zippered case and two 3ml bottles of eLiquid in your choice of flavors. These are solid Starter Kits and will get you started vaping immediately. You will need to purchase eLiquid soon, so choose your 3ml eLiquid bottles carefully and then re-order what you like.

✓ Advanced eGO Kits - This page features Advanced Starter Kits. Advanced Kits usually feature an upgraded 900mah battery that lasts longer between charges along with a larger 7 inch zipper case, a spare atomizing coil head and more robust charging equipment including a USB wall adapter.

✓ Deluxe eGO Kits - We also offer Deluxe Kits that feature everything in the Advanced kit - plus the addition of a 2nd complete eCig and tank system along with upgraded 1100mah batteries for both eCigs and two spare atomizing coil heads. Instead of two 3ml eLiquid bottles you'll receive a 15ml bottle of our Premium Black River eLiquid as an added bonus!

Differences between eCigs
You'll notice that most of our Starter Kits focus around the eGO battery as a platform - and for good reason. These batteries are dependable, flexible and very customizable offering large amounts of flexibility as well as style. However, we do carry many other types of batteries, and you're certainly not limited to eGO batteries alone. Read more on the differences between the various eCigs we stock here.

Don't see exactly what you want? We're happy customize any Starter Kit as best we can for you. Want larger or smaller batteries? A different charger? A different tank? Whatever you need just email us your request or give us a call, and let us see what we can do for you.

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Something Missing?
We want to be your one-stop source for all your vaping needs. Use this form to send us your requests, and we'll do our best to source and stock what you need.

Most items are covered for 120 days with a few exceptions including eLiquids, cartridges, cartomizers, coil heads and atomizers. Visit our Terms and Conditions page for full details.

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