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eCig Differences
We carry quite a few types of e-Cigs in our shop. Here's a quick summary of a few along pros and cons of each:

✓ MODs - These are typically the largest and heaviest devices available and usually have large internal removal batteries as well as other sophisticated technology such as variable voltage, variable wattage, LCD screens or even Bluetooth connectivity with Smartphones. The large sizes support ever-increasing battery and tank sizes for those who wish to go days without needing to recharge or refill eLiquid. MODs come in all shapes and sizes including pocket-watch, rectangular, tubular and many more. Serious enthusiast should strongly consider a MOD at some point.

✓ eGO - Exceedingly popular, the "eGO" style battery was made popular years ago by Joyetech and has become nearly standard when referring to a "thread" type for larger sized batteries. These 14mm diameter batteries are so popular these days they come in scores of colors, sizes and styles. Perhaps one downside is increased thickness as compared to a real cigarette. Length is not really an issue as the shortest eGO setup can be shorter than a real cigarette! eGO battery thickness is quite ideal for supporting tanks or "clearomizers", and this offers truly amazing flexibility. eGO battery variations even provide variable voltage (VV) dials, built-in LCD readouts and more.

✓ E-Smart/E-Slim - The E-Smart and E-Slim are newer smaller versions of the eGO battery designed to hit that sweet spot in terms of size and shape between the eGO described above and the 510 as described below. They are mid-range eCigs, and at 11mm in diameter they might be just right for you!

✓ 510 - Small and lightweight, 510 eCigs have been around for years and, as with the eGO, they are now used to define a universal threading for eCigs. Parts are very accessible and well priced. Multiple battery sizes are available as well as auto vs manual batteries. The smallest 510 batteries are sized closed to a real cigarette. Downsides? Smaller battery, cartridge or cartomizer sizes mean more recharging and refills, and though more flexible than most smaller diameter batteries they simply do not look right with most of today's newer tank systems even though the threads are compatible in many cases.

✓ NJOY NPRO - These are known in the industry as the RN4081 and were made popular years ago by NJOY (called NPRO's). They are very small - nearly similar in size to a real cigarette. Replacement parts are still very accessible and at still very well priced. Downsides? Smaller battery size and cartridge or cartomizer size means more recharging and refills, and they have less options than both eGOs and 510s. Still, many started vaping on NPROs years back, have loved them for years and see no need to switch.

✓ Penstyle - These are also known as the DSE801 and were also made popular years back by NJOY (called NCIGs). Shaped just like a pen as the name implies, they look elegant and replacement parts remain available and very well priced. They feature very large cartridges and cartomizers that hold a lot of eLiquid. Downsides? While the battery is bigger and lasts longer they are a bit longer. They also have limited accessories compared to eGO and 510 batteries.

Which Starter Kit is for me?
Our starter Kits are complete electronic cigarette kits that come in three pricing levels - Basic, Advanced and Deluxe. Every Kit is designed to provide you with all you need to begin e-smoking immediately. Read more about the differences between our Kits here.

Don't see exactly what you want? We're happy customize any Starter Kit as best we can for you. Want larger or smaller batteries? A different charger? A different tank? Whatever you need just email us your request or give us a call, and let us see what we can do for you.

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    Would you like to tweak a product a little? We're happy to work with you to customize your order as best we can to suit your needs. Email us your request or just give us a call, and let us see what we can do for you.

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    Most items are covered for 120 days with a few exceptions including eLiquids, cartridges, cartomizers, coil heads and atomizers. Visit our Terms and Conditions page for full details.

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