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When to use Cartridges
Cartridges are typically needed for those who use smaller eCigs such as the Joye 510, NJOY NPRO, DSE901/RN4081 or DSE801/Penstyle. Usually the cartridge snaps directly onto an atomizer (the component that vaporizes the nicotine liquid), and the atomizer will screw directly onto the battery.

Our cartridges come in individual sealed wrappers and are available in 3 options:

  1. Blank or "refillable" Cartridges - no nicotine liquid, you must purchase your nicotine liquid separately and add to the cartridge
  2. Prefilled Cartridges - the nicotine liquid comes prefilled for you available in various strengths and flavors
  3. Tank Cartridges - for use with "tank atomizers" and available for 510 and eGO eCigs only

510 and 901 Cartridges
Note that 510 and DSE 901 cartridges are fully compatible with each other. The main difference is that 510 cartridges have round mouthpieces (the part that goes into your mouth) while DSE901 cartridges have flat or "whistle" tips.

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