Cartomizers - Super - NPRO - RN4081 - Refillable - Single

These are single refillable electronic cigarette cartomizers for the Super/RN4081/NPRO and other compatible electronic cigarettes.
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These single refillable Super/NPRO/RN4081 cartomizers are a single piece unit that replaces both the atomizer and the cartridge by combining them together. The are designed to be simple and easy to use and then thrown away, thereby always ensuring you have a fresh atomizer. 

They do hold quite a bit more fluid than a standard cartridge holds, and they produce outstanding vapor and throat hit.

Empty cartomizers are also available in multipacks (5-packs) for bigger savings.

- As cartomizers are designed and priced to be disposable, we offer a 24 hour DOA warranty only from day of delivery. They typically do last about a week or so, sometimes more, sometimes less.

  - 1 x Refillable Nicotine Cartomizer

Product Compatibility:
SmokeStik, Super, TW Super, NJOY NPRO, RN4081 (ask about others) 

Price Match:
If you find a cheaper price for this or a compatible product, send us an email with a link so that we can match or beat it!

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WARNING - Nicotine is a poison.  Nicotine cartridges and eLiquids should be kept out of reach of children at all times.  Do not consume cartridges or fluids.  If contact with skin, wash affected area immediately and thoroughly.  Consult a doctor before using.

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